Skip licences (skip permits)

What you need to know if you run a skip company in Bradford District.

Requesting a skip licence

If you run a skip company you must tell the Council at least one day before placing a skip on the highway. This is called requesting a skip licence.

It is too late to ring us up at the same time as putting the skip in place.

You can ask for a skip licence by emailing

We process requests between the hours of 9am and 5pm from Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4pm on Fridays.

If you want to deliver a skip at the weekend, you should email a request on the preceding Friday. We will process the request on Monday morning.

When asking for a skip licence you should clearly state the location/address where the skip is and how long it will stay there.

Council wardens and inspectors can check whether a skip has a licence using our online map and issue Fixed Penalty Notices immediately. If you put a skip on the highway without permission you could be fined up to £1,000.

Please note that the fee for each skip licence is for a period up to 28 days, but the duration remains at the discretion of Bradford Council as Highway Authority. Licences for skips on narrow roads and back streets, where they may stop people getting to their house, or block deliveries or emergency services, will be limited to a maximum of six days.

Revised procedures for company registration and issuing licences

Recently there have been more safety issues with skips causing a danger to the public and in difficulties in obtaining payment for skip licences. So we have revised our procedures for evaluating skip companies and changed our licensing arrangements.

Your company must fill out the attached registration form to remain registered with the Council.

From 31 January 2015 skip licences will be refused until you fill the form in.

To register your company, please download the form from this page and return it to 

Network Resilience Team
City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
4th Floor
Britannia House

Fees and charges

Fees and charges will be issued monthly and must be settled within 28 days. If you do not pay within 28 days we will suspend your company's ability to apply for skip licences.

Skip licence fees and fines from 12 January 2015

Item Fee

Licence to place a skip on the public highway for up to 28 days


Skips on the highway without a licence


Skips that are licensed but which fail to meet the criteria of the licence


If we have to remove an illegal skip we will charge you what it cost us to take it away.

Where can I find details of registered skips?

All registered skips are shown on our online map and at

Registered skips will be shown on the map within 30 minutes of the application being logged.

The map also displays information about roadworks and scaffolding on the highway.

If a resident has ordered a skip, or sees a skip on their street, they can check that it has a licence and how long it is likely to be there. The Council and utility companies can see if a skip is located where they need to carry out work on the highway.

Photographic evidence of skips not in compliance with the Highways Act will be taken to be used in prosecutions as necessary.

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