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Request temporary location signs for housing developments

Developers must apply for permission to erect temporary direction signs to housing developments on the highway.

Developers must ensure that where permission has expired, signs are removed within 7 days of the expiry of that permission. Failure to comply may result in the Council removing and applying a penalty charge.

Any unauthorised signage will be removed. The responsible developer/sign company will be recharged the costs of removal and repair to any damage caused to the furniture its was attached to.


  • You can only apply for signs for new housing developments to direct contractors or potential buyers to the site.
  • Development must have a minimum of 20 bedrooms on site (for example, 10 x 2 bedroom houses or 5 x 4 bedroom houses).
  • Only the name of the site is permitted on the sign - not the developer's name.
  • Signs will be permitted for as long as required or until 80% of the properties are sold, with an annual renewal cost applied.
  • Sign locations should be limited to the local area, usually from the nearest A or B road, depending on location and complexity of the road network (no more than one mile distance from the site or two strategic road junctions).
  • Licence number and expiry date must be clearly shown on the rear of all signs erected on the highway. Non-compliance may result in a penalty notice being applied.
  • No more than two temporary development signs will be permitted in any one location, and therefore an advance survey before application must be undertaken.


  • The maximum permitted 'x' height (where 'x' is the vertical height of the individual letters or numbers) for a sign legend is 62.5mm.
  • A minimum of 2.3 metres headroom must be left below any signs that overhang a footway and 2.5 metres headroom for a cycle path.

Signs must meet the correct specification and be situated in accordance with the licence. Non-compliance could result in a penalty notice being applied.

A complete signage service

We know how important high-quality, clear signs are when it comes to directing people. The Council can take care of all this for you as a one stop shop, at a competitive price. We will design, make and install all signs, on top of this we will cover the administration, maintenance and removal. This will save you from any unnecessary penalty charges.


If you would like to apply for signage complete the application form below.

Request temporary location signs for housing developments

Please note that:

  • A minimum of four weeks' notice is required.
  • A copy of your public liability insurance (to the value of £10 million) must be included with the submission.
  • You will need to add a purchase order number for us to invoice against.

What next?

Your application will be assessed and you will be contacted within 10 working days with a decision. Once we have made our decision we will email you with further information.


Make a payment for temporary location signs for housing developments

Permit application fees for developer signs are as follows:

  • £350 (4 signs or less).
  • £400 (5 to 8 signs).
  • £450 (9 signs or more).

Additional fees are as follows:

  • monthly fee - £16 per month per sign (charged 3 months in advance)
  • sign removal fee - £50 per sign
  • rental charge for exceeding expiry date - £20 per sign per week.

Staff time to enforce removal of signs - £25 per hour, to a maximum of 10 hours.

Terms and conditions

  1. Only approved contractors on our list may erect/dismantle signs on the public highway, working in accordance with chapter 8 regulations, New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 and obtaining the appropriate permits.
  2. To sign a development there needs to be a minimum of 20 bedrooms on site. In certain circumstances consideration may be given to developments with less, (please contact us to discuss further).
  3. In accordance with Regulation 3 Direction 3 of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 Schedule 13 (11), signs may be retained for not more than six months after the completion of the housing development to which it refers. 'Completion' means when all accommodation is available for occupation.
  4. To extend a permit you must apply 7 working days prior to the permit expiry date.
  5. The signs are to be sited so they do not obscure existing road signs and traffic signals or interfere with visibility at road junctions and bends or otherwise constitute a road hazard. The sign face must be of a proprietary material and fixed to items of street furniture with metal banding straps, plastic electrical ties are not acceptable.
  6. The minimum headroom above ground level to be 2.3m.
  7. No sign to project over, or within 450mm of any carriageway.
  8. The Organising Body to indemnify the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council against any claims or damage whatsoever arising there from. A minimum £5million third party liability policy of insurance is required.
  9. The sign is to be manufactured to diagram 2701/2701.1 of the Traffic Signs and Regulations and General Directions 2016 (with an 'x' height appropriate to the speed limit) and removed on the expiry of the permit.
  10. The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council will remove all signs found without a permit and a charge of £50 per sign removal fee will be levied against you. Signs that have gone beyond their permit expiry date will also incur highway rental charges appropriate to the length of time exceeded.
  11. Once the signs are erected there will be an additional highway charge of £16 per month per sign; invoiced / paid in advance every 3 months. If the highway charge is not paid the signs will be removed from the highway and a charge of £50 per sign will be levied against you.

Should you have any questions please email or ring Danny Stewart on 07582 104479