Change of circumstances that may affect your Council Tax bill

You need to tell us about any changes that may affect your Council Tax bill. The forms on this page will help you to tell us about changes.

Note: please do not tell us about a change more than 14 days in advance.

On this page

Moving home?

Use our change of address form to tell us if you are moving in/out or selling/buying a property in the Bradford Metropolitan District Council area.

If you’re unsure who is liable to pay Council Tax at a property, look at our Council Tax liability page.

Report a tenant moving in or out of your property

If you are a landlord, you can use the forms on our landlord information page to tell us a tenant has moved in or out. If you are a managing agent, you can also use this form but, where landlord details are requested, you should enter the actual landlords' name and address, not your own agency details.

Scam aware

Do not use other websites that offer to forward details of your change of address to us in return for a fee. These websites may not be genuine and we may not receive any details from them.

Change of name

You can tell us about a change of name if you are an existing Council Taxpayer and you have changed your name, for example, due to marriage.

If the name on the Council Tax bill is wrong because someone has moved in or out, or sold the property, then you should use our change of address form.

If you are requesting a name to be added to an account, you should look at the information about who is liable for Council Tax on our Council Tax liability page.

Apply for a Single Person Discount

Cancel my Single Person Discount

If you get a Single Person Discount, you will need to cancel it if you are no longer the only adult in the property. This includes someone in your household turning 18 years old, or someone aged 18 or over moving in.

Report a change which may affect the amount of Council Tax Reduction you get

If you get Council Tax Reduction, you need to report any change which could affect the amount of reduction you get. Please look at our Benefits - change of circumstances page for more information and to report the change.

Tell us that a Council Tax payer has died

There are certain things you need to tell us when a Council Tax payer dies, both about the person who has died and the property they occupied.

Contact us about any other change

Please use our Council Tax general enquiry form if you need to contact us to report a change that is not covered by the other forms on this page.