Map of roadworks

The information on this map is provided by, the most comprehensive source of up-to-date roadworks and incidents information in the UK.

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The map above gives details of

  • current and planned roadworks, with contact information for the company doing the work
  • road closures, including those due to events
  • skip and scaffold licences on the highway
  • roads where a restriction on works within a specified period have been registered (Section 58 of The New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 restriction)

The map above does not give details of

  • works that do not involve excavating the highway surface, such as white lining and repairing pot holes
  • works on public footpaths

Please note

While every effort is made to ensure that the information and details held within the register are correct Bradford Council cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information provided by Public Utilities or private developers. It is advisable to contact the relevant information provider before making any decision that is based on the information provided.

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