MPS and future developments

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Our aspiration for our Market Position Statement is a ‘live’ document that is regularly updated as commissioning plans and intentions across Bradford District develop.

Future developments for this document include:

Our aims

Champion integrated working: Implementing the ‘Act as One’ approach has been a key contributor to achieving positive outcomes for service users. Going forward we plan to strengthen our partnership arrangements by sharing resources and promoting creativity to shape the market and help providers understand future opportunities. 

Data and insight: Providing the latest demand and quality data in Bradford so people have regular updates on how our activity is changing over time – work on this is continues to take place.

Expand our offer for developers: We aim to share information with developers about where we have need in Bradford to help meet the demand in the market for our diverse demographic.

Map of Bradford and localities

A map of West Yorkshire showing the Bradford District boundary and the boundaries of the 5 consituencies in Bradford.

If you want to check specific areas in detail please use the Bradford and localities map.

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