Commissioning Adult Health and Social Care Services

Market Shaping

Market shaping is the way the Council will work in collaboration with partner organisations, people who access care services, their carers and families. Through this approach the Council will facilitate the market in the area for care, support and related activities.

A Market Position Statement has been produced to detail the Council's view of the current state of the social care and support market in Bradford, how it intends to work with the market in the future and the opportunities for business change providers may want to consider. The document can be downloaded below.

Specialist Market briefings and other associated documents will be produced to further inform the market as the Council implements its commissioning strategy for Adult and Community Services.

ASC Commissioning Strategy 2022-2027

A five year Commissioning Strategy has been developed to set out the ways in which commissioners will work to deliver on the Council’s plans and intentions for adult social care. The strategy can be download below

Building a Better Future Together: Bradford District’s Housing and Accommodation Strategy for people with disabilities

This strategy sets out our plans to work with partners over the coming years to improve housing and accommodation options for people with disabilities. The strategy can be downloaded below:

Specialist Market Briefings

The Adult and Community Services Department will be introducing a series of Market Briefings to encourage and support providers to meet the needs of individuals and to support the personalisation agenda locally.

The briefings will:

  • share the Council’s thinking and future commissioning intentions
  • aim to stimulate ongoing discussions with providers
  • act as a feedback mechanism for people in the market place to share ideas
  • inform the provider market leading to more comprehensive engagement.

Within this section of the website, there is information on current commissioning activity and associated documents.

The Commissioning team

The Commissioning team is led by Holly Watson, Service Manager, Strategic Commissioning.

Joint Commissioning Managers are:

  • Alexandra Lorrison, Joint Commissioning Manager for older people, physical disability and sensory impairment
  • Angela Taylor, Joint Commissioning Manager for learning disability & autism
  • Julie Robinson-Joyce, Joint Commissioning Manager for Early Help & Prevention, VCSE Lead

Please contact us via the following email address:

Marketing Sustainability and Cost of Care

Following the DHSC policy released in December 2021: Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Fund: purpose and conditions 2022 to 2023 and the  further detailed guidance following on 24 March 2022, Bradford Council is now publishing its Market Sustainability Plan and cost of care reports for older people’s care homes and for home support services. The policy was designed to ensure local authorities can prepare their markets for reform (particularly the impact of section 18(3) and the right for self-funders to request that a local authority purchase care on their behalf at the ‘usual council rate’). The change was originally intended to come into force from October 2023, however this has now been delayed to October 2025.

As set out in the  guidance, the outcome of the cost of care exercise is not intended to be a replacement for the fee-setting element of local authority commissioning processes or individual contract negotiation. Local authorities are expected to use the insight gained from the cost of care exercises to support their commissioning and contract negotiation for the relevant services in practice.

Our Market Sustainability Plan sets out our assessment of the care home and home care markets now, and our approach to supporting the sector over the next 3 years.

Equality Data Collection Pilot.

Across the People Commissioning Service we are working to improve the way we collect and use equalities data from people who use commissioned services.

In 2024, we will be undertaking an Equality Data Collection Pilot. The pilot will involve surveying people who use services to gather equality data, mainly regarding the protected characteristics from the Equality Act 2010.

An additional information sheet has been developed to support the survey. This explains why we are collecting the information and how it will be used.

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