Swimming policies and regulations

Swimmers Code of Conduct

We are committed to providing all our customers with a quality service in a friendly, clean and safe environment. To help us achieve this please observe our Swimmers Code of Conduct at all times:

  1. Wear only appropriate, recognised swimwear. 
  2. Babies and young children should wear only appropriate elasticated swimwear. 
  3. Shower thoroughly and toilet before entering the pool 
  4. Follow all instructions given by staff and displayed on notices, safety signs etc 
  5. Behave in a responsible and courteous manner to all staff and other customers. 
  6. Pay due respect to the safety and enjoyment of all customers. 
  7. Treat the facility with care and respect. 
  8. Stay in shallow water if you cannot swim well. 
  9. Never leave children under 8 years of age unsupervised and always comply with the ‘Children in Swimming Pools Policy’.

Do not swim if:

  • You feel unwell 
  • You are suffering or have recently suffered with diarrhoea or a gastro-intestinal infection. 
  • You have a medical problem (without first consulting your doctor). 
  • You have recently consumed alcohol or a main meal.

Children in Swimming Pools Policy

  1. Children under the age of 8 years will not be admitted to the Swimming Pool unless accompanied in the water at all times by a responsible person of 16 years or over. 
  2. The responsible person should maintain a constant watch over the children for whom they are responsible and be in close contact with those of their children who are weak or non-swimmers. 
  3. Children aged between 4-7 years must be accompanied by a responsible person on a maximum Two to One basis. 
  4. We strongly recommend that all children under 4 are accompanied on a One to One basis and remain in shallow water at all times regardless of swimming ability. Buoyancy aids are available on loan free of charge, to all children under 4, in all pools, at all times.

Please abide by the Swimmers Code of Conduct and the Children in Swimming Pools Policy at all times, it is conditional to your admission to the pool.

All inclusive swim slide policy

  1. The slides are not recommended for people with ill health. 
  2. Opening hours vary during school/bank holidays. 
  3. During busy periods, your time in the pool could be limited to one hour. 

Customer charter

Facility Management, Sports Development, Play and Adventure Activities are committed to providing a varied and balanced service of the highest quality that meets the needs and expectations of the communities we serve.

Therefore we promise that:


  • We will provide an environment which is friendly, clean and safe. 
  • We will implement and maintain a quality system where appropriate. 
  • We will strive to provide value for money. 
  • We will comply with current legislation and regulations as appropriate. 
  • We will have clear technical standards for all important features of the service and meet them.

Customer communications:

  • We will encourage customers to comment when their expectations have not been met and will be responsive to comments, complaints and suggestions. 
  • We will publish customer comments and the management response in all facilities. 
  • We will undertake regular surveys and consultation of our customers and potential customers to ensure that we continue to meet their identified needs. 
  • We will ensure that accurate customer information on all activities, including times, prices and availability of sessions, courses etc will be available for customers. 
  • Any foreseen changes will be notified to customers by the display of an appropriate notice within the facility.


  • Will be trained and appropriately qualified. 
  • Will work in a helpful, informed, courteous and professional manner at all times. 
  • Will be easily identifiable by wearing their uniform at all times.


  • Will be in good working order and checked and maintained regularly. 
  • Will be set up in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer and / or governing body of the sport where necessary. 
  • Will be ready for use as soon as practical for the commencement of the booked period. 
  • Will be regularly checked by staff and remedial action taken where necessary.

We will strive to continually seek ways of improving and developing services.

We would appreciate your comments on the above.

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