Physical Contact Statement

Important information to parents and children participating in diving lessons and coaching classes.

Further to recent NSPCC advice, we are required to inform you that there are aspects of our teaching, which require a “hands on” technique.

This type of physical contact between teachers and divers will only be used in full view of the balcony and the class and will only be used for the following reasons:

  • Where it is essential to support the diver during the early stages of learning a skill for safety reasons 
  • To develop the skill and technique (eg placing the diver in the correct position/posture) 
  • To prevent an injury (eg pushing them away from the poolside if, during the process of the dive the teacher considers them to be too close to the poolside) 
  • To treat an injury (only relates to staff who are first aid qualified)

Please let us know on joining the programme, if you are uncomfortable with any aspect of this teaching technique.