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Careers and Technical Education

Careers and Technical Education (CTE) is a step change in which young people can gain skills and experiences that are planned around the requirements of local employers.

Sitting within ‘SkillsHouse’ all age careers and employability services; Bradford district's CTE is delivered through Bradford Pathways and Industrial Centres of Excellence (ICE). It is an all-age approach to ensure that our children and young people gain knowledge, skills and competencies so they are well equipped to make a successful transition into the world of work and enjoy a successful career.

Bradford's CTE framework of 15 sectors and 78 pathways takes a partnership approach. It has been developed with local employers, schools, colleges and universities, to address current and future skill demands.

Since its launch, CTE has been working across more than 110 primary schools, 23 secondary schools and higher and further education providers. 

Primary years provision

Our CTE approach for primary schools Formally Bradford Pathways, from early years through to Year 6. The emphasis is on to raising the awareness and aspirations of our children by exposing them to the varied career sectors and linking the world of work to their learning.

Industrial Centres of Excellence

Industrial Centres of Excellence (ICE) is our CTE approach for secondary, further and higher education. The approach has been designed to support young people from Year 7 onwards to be aware of their options and attain their chosen career destination upon leaving education. ICE ensures that all career sectors are considered and provides a clear framework and associated support for schools to deliver a tailored approach, incorporating learning programmes tailored for every career pathway. In 202 and beyond, it is the CTE partnership's intention to reach a broader number of young people and improve educational outcomes and employment opportunities for all students, via the development of occupational pathways, employer-led engagement, consultancy and continuous improvement.

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