Ways to reduce your Council Tax bill

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Single Person Discount

If you live on your own, you should qualify for a Single Person Discount. You can read more information about Single Person Discount, or you can apply for a Single Person Discount online now.

Council Tax Reduction

Note: if you claim Universal Credit, you must still make a separate claim for Council Tax Reduction from the council.

Council Tax Reduction can help you pay your Council Tax bill if you are on a low income or claiming other benefits. You can read more information about Council Tax Reduction, or you can apply online.

If you already get Council Tax Reduction, and need some help to understand the letter you've received about it, have a look at our Council Tax Reduction Notice frequently asked questions page.

Other Council Tax Discounts - based on your personal circumstances

When calculating a household's Council Tax bill, some people (due to their personal circumstances) may not be counted. After these people have been discounted, if one or no people are left in the household, then you may qualify for a discount on your bill. Look at our discounts page for more information. 

Other Council Tax exemptions - based on your property

Some properties can be exempt from Council Tax for various reason, such as being unoccupied, being owned by a charitable organisation, and many other reasons. To see if your property may be exempt from Council Tax, look at our property exemptions page