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Proof you need to provide

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If you do not provide all the proof we need, we might not be able to pay any Benefit or Reduction. 

Only use this form for submitting evidence. If you want to apply for Council Tax Reduction or Housing Benefit form, please use our application form. Other benefits forms can be found on our application forms webpage.

Proof of identity

Examples of documents that help to confirm identity are:

  • passport 
  • UK residence permit 
  • driving licence (if this is a photo-card licence we must also see the paper counter part) 
  • medical card
  • birth certificate, marriage certificate, civil partnership certificate 
  • divorce, annulment or separation papers 
  • recent pay slips 
  • life assurance or insurance policies 
  • bus pass, railcard, travel card, season ticket 
  • utility bill (paid in your name for the last quarter) 
  • bank or building society statements or pass books

Non-UK Citizens

  • passport 
  • national Identity card 
  • immigration and Nationality Directorate travel documents 
  • Home Office documents showing immigration status

Proof of National Insurance number

Examples of documents that show National Insurance number are:

  • P45 and P60 
  • wage slips 
  • letters from HM Revenue & Customs, Department for Work and Pensions or Jobcentre 
  • National Insurance number card 
  • some benefit notification letters - for example: Retirement Pension, Income Support, Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit.

Proof of rent

For proof of rent, we need proof of:

  • your name 
  • address of the property being rented 
  • name and address of the landlord and/or agent 
  • date the tenancy started 
  • amount you pay including benefit payments 
  • what is included in your rent - for example: meals, gas, electricity 
  • how often you pay the rent - for example: weekly or monthly 
  • how long the tenancy will last 
  • amount of any outstanding arrears

Some documents that might show these details are:

  • rent account 
  • current tenancy agreement (signed and dated) 
  • signed and dated letter from landlord/agent 
  • rent book

Proof of earned income

If you or any member of your household is employed we will need to see proof:

  • paid weekly - last 5 payslips 
  • paid fortnightly - last 3 payslips 
  • paid monthly or four weekly - last 2 payslips

The payslips must include the following:

  • employee’s name 
  • name and address of the employer 
  • number of hours worked and period covered 
  • income before deductions for the period and the year to date 
  • income tax deducted for the pay period and the year to date 
  • National Insurance contributions deducted for the pay period and the the year to date 
  • any payments made for superannuation, occupational
    pensions or personal pensions 
  • method of payment, for example cheque, cash or into a bank account 
  • details of any Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay or Adoption Pay included in the gross pay

If you don't provide this we may write to your employer.

Self employed

We need to see the most recent audited accounts. If you cannot provide these or you have only just become self-employed please tell us.

Proof of unearned income

State Benefits, Tax Credits or Pension Credit:

If you or any member of your household get any state benefits, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit or Pension Credit we will need to see all the pages of the latest award notification for these.

Other income:

If you receive any other income, such as maintenance payments, we need to see evidence, for example:

  • court award notice 
  • a letter from the absent partner confirming the amount of maintenance payments being made

Proof of capital, savings and investments

We must see proof of all bank, building society and post office accounts, both current accounts and savings accounts, including any that are overdrawn or not currently in use. This includes ISAs, TESSAS and PEPs. We also need to see proof of all Premium Bonds, Income Bonds, Unit Trusts, stocks and shares.

We will need to see:

  • bank and building society statements for all accounts that cover the last two months, showing all transactions and the current balance 
  • statements showing all savings and investments and how they are invested 
  • National Savings certificates 
  • proof of ownership for shares, bonds, unit trusts, stocks etc. This must include the number that you own, the name of the company (you must tell us if this has changed eg CGNU plc is now called Aviva plc.)


If you do not provide all the evidence we need, we will not be able to pay you any benefit or reduction.

Submit evidence online