Help with cost of living

The government has announced several different financial support packages to help people with the rise in the cost of living, food and energy bills.

As information changes constantly, the following webpages are kept up to date and are a reliable way to find any information out about what and when financial help is available.

Help with energy bills

All domestic energy customers will receive a grant to help with the cost of their energy bills through the Energy Bill Support Scheme. This money will not need to be paid back.

Cost of Living payment for those on benefits

Households on means tested benefits will receive additional funding.

Pensioner Cost of Living Payment

All pensioner households who receive the Winter Fuel Payment will receive extra funding.

Disability Cost of Living Payment

People with disabilities will also receive extra financial support.

Household Support Fund

Bradford Council has received funding to provide additional assistance to vulnerable households.

For general benefits and welfare advice please visit our benefits and welfare advice and help page.

Further information can be found by visiting:

Welcoming Spaces

Across Bradford District there are Welcoming Spaces - venues where people can gather for free in a warm, safe, welcoming place and maybe enjoy a hot drink and some company.

The network of Welcoming Spaces is made up of libraries, community centres, church halls, sports clubs and other places that are opening their doors to welcome in anyone struggling home.

Apply for a grant to be a Welcoming Space

Yorkshire Water support

Yorkshire Water has announced a plan to support more customers who are struggling with the cost-of-living increase.

The current help schemes include:

  • WaterSupport, which helps customers on lower incomes, with income-based benefits, pay water charges
  • Community Trust, an independent charity at Yorkshire Water supporting customers who have arrears
  • WaterSure, which can help low-income households where there are larger families, or customers who need to use additional water for a medical condition
  • Resolve, which helps those who are struggling with debt to catch up on previous bills

To apply for one of Yorkshire Water’s financial support schemes and find out more go to the Yorkshire Water website.


If you are in urgent need of food, Bradford Foodbanks can help.

For impartial advice and guidance on all cost of living issues, including advice and tips on energy, money, food etc

Bradford Credit Union

BDCU has a range of savings and loan schemes like the new Summer Loan to help residents across Bradford, Kirklees and Craven access low cost loans with information on their website or call 01274 434100.