I want to understand my care needs

If you feel that you need support from adult social care, it will help to think about what your needs are. If you need social care, a care needs assessment is the first step.

What are your care needs?

Think about the kind of help you need. Be specific, for example:

  • ‘I need someone to help me get up and dressed in the mornings’
  • ‘I need help to shower regularly’
  • ‘I need to be reminded to take my medication’
  • ‘I need help to prepare meals for myself’

Think about your cultural, social, religious and emotional needs too, for example:

  • ‘I want to go to my place of worship once a week’
  • ‘I want to visit my sister twice a month’

What does the care needs assessment involve?

A social care professional will usually come to see you to find out how you’re managing everyday tasks. You may be offered a telephone or online assessment. If you feel this is not right for you, ask for a face-to-face assessment. They will look at:

  • the emotional and social side of your life
  • your skills and abilities
  • your views, religious and cultural background and support network
  • any physical difficulties you may experience, or any risks
  • any health or housing requirements
  • your needs and wishes
  • what you would like to happen
  • information about your needs from your carer, if you want them to be involved in your assessment.

Will you be eligible for help from social services?

Bradford Council follows a national criteria to decide who is eligible for care and we will consider three questions in making our decision:

  • Do you have care and support needs as a result of a physical or mental condition?
  • Are you unable to achieve two or more desired goals or outcomes* as a result of your care and support needs?
  • Is there now, or is there likely to be, a significant impact on your wellbeing?

*The desired goals and outcomes that we will consider include being able to:

  • eat properly
  • look after your personal hygiene
  • go to the toilet
  • dress yourself
  • be safe at home
  • keep your home clean and safe
  • see family and friends
  • go to work, volunteering, education or training
  • use services in your area

'Not being able to achieve' an activity means that:

  • you need help to do it
  • when you try to do it yourself it's painful, or it makes you feel distressed or anxious
  • it is dangerous for you or others
  • it takes you a much longer time than it should.

How do I get help from social services?

Once you have thought about your care needs, or the needs of someone you care for, and you would like to have an assessment please contact adult social care:

  • using this online form
  • by phoning Independence Advice Hub on 01274 435400.

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