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Inviting the Lord Mayor to your event

The Lord Mayor is always happy to receive invitations to events – no matter how large or small – that are taking place within the district.

Lord Mayors attend many hundreds of different functions throughout their year, including

  • school or workplace visits
  • prize or certificate presentations
  • church services and visits to houses of worship
  • business/charity/theatrical/artistic events
  • significant organisation anniversaries
  • community events
  • milestone birthdays for those 90 and over.

If you wish to invite the Lord Mayor to an event you will need to write to or email the Lord Mayor's Office. Please note that at least twenty days' notice are required for an invitation to be considered. To avoid disappointment, please give us as much advanced notice as possible.

You may wish to ring or email the Lord Mayor’s Office first to check whether the Lord Mayor is available to attend. You will then be asked to confirm your invitation in writing. All invitations should be addressed to the Lord Mayor in the first instance.

Due to high demand it may not always be possible for the Lord Mayor or Deputy Lord Mayor to attend every event to which they are invited. Invitations are usually accepted on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, but there are occasional exceptions to this.

Invite the Lord Mayor to an event

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