Public toilets

The council maintains four attended, and eight unattended public conveniences throughout the district. We aim to provide the public with a high standard of cleanliness and facilities.

Attended public conveniences

  • Car Park, Brook Street, Ilkley
  • Myrtle Place, Bingley
  • Central Park, Bridgehouse Lane, Haworth.
  • The Pavilion, City ParkĀ 

Unattended public conveniences

  • Bronte Parsonage Car Park,West Lane, Haworth
  • Car Park, Caroline Street, Saltaire
  • Northgate, Baildon
  • Riverside Hotel, Bridge Lane, Ilkley
  • Car Park, St Ives Estate, Keighley Road, Harden
  • Old White Wells, Wells Road, Ilkley
  • Lister Park, Manningham
  • (Centenary Square, opened for large events only)

Please note that if the toilet that you want to contact us about is not on either of the two lists above, then it is not maintained by Bradford Council.

Contact us

If you experience any problems with a public convenience or have any queries please contact us.

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