View vehicle seizure notices

We have the authority to seize a vehicle if we believe it has been used to commit a waste crime such as fly-tipping. We must display the details of all vehicles seizures in our main office and our website within one day of seizing the vehicle.

The police and the registered keeper will also be notified in writing.

A vehicle can be seized if:

  • it’s been used to illegally dump waste (fly tipping) in a way that could cause pollution to the environment or harm to public health
  • it’s been driven by someone not registered as a waste carrier
  • it’s been used at a site that’s breaking the rules of an environmental permit
  • it’s been breaking the rules of duty of care, for example it has been used to transfer waste to someone not registered as a waste carrier

What happens when a vehicle has been seized

A seized vehicle can be held for up to 15 working days whilst a waste crime is being investigated and we have the right to sell or destroy it after this time has passed. If we take the case to court, the vehicle will be held for the duration of the prosecution.

See what can happen to your vehicle if you are caught fly tipping:

Claiming a seized vehicle

To claim a seized vehicle you must be the legal owner of the vehicle and be able to provide:

  • the V5C vehicle registration document in your name with your correct address
  • a current certificate of motor insurance in your name with your correct address

If we require further proof of ownership we’ll notify you within one working day. We must then receive any further required proof of ownership from you within two working days.

Our final decision on your vehicle claim will be sent to you within three working days.

Collecting a seized vehicle

If you’ve claimed a vehicle you’ll have 10 working days to collect it, unless we need to keep it for further investigation or are in the process of prosecuting. If you haven’t collected your claimed vehicle within 10 working days it can be sold or destroyed.

Vehicles seized

Date of seizure Time Location Vehicle type Registration number Claim to be made by
25 April 2024 11am Low Moor, Bradford White Renault Masters vehicle HV10 KVX 18 May 2024

Notice of Seizure - HV10 KVX

The Control of Waste (Dealing with Seized Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015

Under the above legislation, Bradford Metropolitan District Council have seized a White Renault Masters vehicle registration HV10 KVX.

The vehicle was seized on New Works Road, Low Moor, Bradford on the 25 April 2024 at 11am because:

  • The vehicle was involved or used in a fly-tipping offence under s33 Environmental Protection Act 1990

The vehicle was seized pursuant to s34B Environmental Protection Act 1990 as amended by The Control of Waste (Dealing with Seized Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015.

A person may make a claim of entitlement to the seized vehicle, within the period.
25 April 2024 and 18 May 2024

The evidence accompanying a claim must be sufficient to enable the seizure authority to make a determination of entitlement to the seized vehicle and therefore must include-

  1. Proof of I.D. – valid photo card driving licence or passport
  2. Proof of address (e.g. two utility bills in the applicant’s name no older than 3 months)
  3. Vehicle Registration document for seized property
  4. Valid insurance
  5. Written proof of authority to act as Agent if acting in a representative capacity (e.g. valid power of attorney + items 3 – 4 above and proof of ID and address of Agent)
  6. If transporting waste and / or collecting scrap metal, a valid waste carrier’s licence and a Bradford Metropolitan District Council scrap metal dealer’s licence.

The seized vehicle can be sold, destroyed or otherwise disposed of in accordance with regulation 21 of The Control of Waste (Dealing with Seized Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015 if it is not claimed within the claim period; if a claimant who brought a claim within such period is not determined as entitled or if a duty to return arose but has ceased in accordance with regulations.

Any person wishing to claim entitlement to this vehicle should contact the Environmental Enforcement Team on 01274 434366 to make an appointment to attend Sir Henry Mitchell House, 4 Manchester Road, Bradford BD5 0QL.

Date of notice: 25 April 2024
Signed: Ami Nolan and Khalid Mahmood
Position: Environmental Enforcement Officer