Pay by Phone Parking

There are multiple ways to pay for parking time. As well as using cash to buy a pay and display ticket you can also use:

  • By telephone on 01274 454000
  • Mobile app - search for 'RingGo'

Each pay and display machine will have a sticker like the one below.

The sticker is specific to the location where you have parked. When you purchase parking time, you must enter the location number for the machine nearest to your vehicle. Then follow the instructions.

Example of a RingGo location sticker, showing the location is 12345

On street locations in Bradford and Little Germany with cashless parking

Location RingGo Zone
Sunbridge Road 30545
Kirkgate 30546
Westgate 30547
James Street 30548
Darley Street 30549
Piccadilly 30550
Dale Street 30551
Cheapside 30552
Bank Street 30553
Broadway 30554
Edward Street 30555
Snowden Street 30556
Thornton Road 30557
Godwin Street 30558
Upper Picadilly 30559
Sackville Street 30560
Barry Street 30561
Rawson Road 30562
Simes Street 30563
North Parade 30564
Stone Street 30656
Manor Row 30566
Salem Street 30567
Bridge Street 30568
Vicar Lane 30569
West Street 30570
Hall Ings 30571
Sharpe Street 30572
Canal Road 30573
Bolton Road 30574
Mill Street 30575
Little Germany (Peckover Street) 30576
Little Germany (Green Street) 30577
Little Germany (East Parade) 30578
Little Germany (Upper Park Gate) 30579
Little Germany (Chapel Street) 30580
Little Germany (Scoresby Street) 30581
Little Germany (Burnett Street) 30582
Little Germany (Hick Street) 30583
Little Germany (Vicar Lane) 30584
Little Germany (Park Gate) 30585
Little Germany (Currer Street) 30586
Little Germany (Cater Street) 30587
Little Germany (Field Street) 30588
Little Germany (Aked Street) 30589

On street locations in Ilkley with cashless parking

Short stay on street parking

Location RingGo Zone
Bolton Bridge Road 30590
Bridge Lane 30591
Whitton Croft Road 30592
Wells Road 30593
Wells Promenade 30594
Station Road 30595
The Grove 30596
Cuncliffe Road 30597
South Hawksworth Street 30598
North Street 30599
Hawksworth Street 30600
Brook Street 30601
Railway Road 30602
New Brook Street 30603
St James Road 30604
Regent Road 30605
Cowpasture Road 30606
Riddings Road 30607

Long stay on street parking

Location RingGo Zone
Chapel Lane 30608
Bridge Lane 30609
Cowpasture Road 30610
Chantry Drive 30611
Railway Road 30612
Wharfe View Road 30613
Weston Road 30614
Castle Road 30615
New Brook Street 30616
Kings Road 30617
Grove Road 30618

Off street locations operating cashless parking

Location RingGo Zone
Britannia Street car park 30500
Burnett Street car park 30501
Central Library car park 30502
Crown Court car park 30503
Jacob's Well car park 30504
Pine Street car park 30505
Radwell Drive car park 30506
Raphael House 30507
Rawson Road car park 30508
Sharpe Street car park 30509
Simes Street car park 30510
St Thomas Street car park 30511
Vicar Lane car park 30512
Oastler Centre - Westgate multistorey car park 30513
Wigan Street car park 30514
Ian Clough car park, Baildon 30515
The Grove car park, Baildon 30516
South Hawksworth Street car park, Ilkley 30517
Railway Road car park, Ilkley 30518
Wharfe View Road car park, Ilkley 30519
Bingley Arts Centre car park 30520
Ferncliffe Road car park, Bingley 30521
Main Street car park, Bingley 30522
Queen Street car park, Bingley 30523
Victoria Street car park, Bingley 30524
Waterloo car park, Bingley 30525
Wellington car park, Bingley 30526
Bronte Village car park, Haworth 30527
Gas Street car park, Haworth 30528
Museum car park, Haworth 30529
Carr Street car park, Keighley 30530
Church Green car park, Keighley 30531
Scott Street car park, Keighley 30532
Atkinson Street car park, Shipley 30533
Briggate car park, Shipley 30534
Market Place car park, Shipley 30535
Saville car park, Shipley 30536
Shipley swimming pool car park 30537
Westcliffe car park, Shipley 30538
Wharf Street car park, Shipley 30539
Caroline Street car park, Saltaire 30540
Exhibition Road car park, Saltaire 30541
Bridge Street car park, Silsden 30542
Wesley Place car park, Silsden 30543
Wilsden car park 30544