Striker 9 and Little Legs Football

It’s a skill thing...

The Striker 9 awards are a fun based 10 week awards programme aimed at encouraging children to not only develop their football skills, but also leadership and team skills.

Striker 9 is for boys and girls of any ability aged 5 to 15 years old.

All you need is a desire to play football…

The programme helps young people:

  • develop football, leadership and team skills 
  • learn about rules, fitness, conduct and nutrition 
  • become healthier and more active

Each letter of Striker represents a football skill, which you will work though at each level of the award scheme:

S – Shooting
T – Turning
R – Running with the ball
I – In and out dribbling
K – Keep up/control
E – 'Ed the ball'
R – Right and left foot passing

Once each skill has been mastered members then progress onto the next award level. Levels go from 1 to 6 then bronze, silver and gold, with the ultimate aim of achieving the gold award.

Each child will be given a Striker 9 portfolio which includes lots of information about code of conduct, training and nutrition alongside the programme of training levels and evidence of progression sheets. There’s also a section to keep copies of their certificates and medals which mark the end of each level.

Coaches will get to know each child’s strengths and weaknesses and work on them over the course programme.

Unfortunately, there are no Striker 9 sessions running at the moment please check the page regularly for updates.

Little Legs Football

Little Legs football is an exciting football session for boys and girls promoting a fun positive attitude towards football from an early age. We aim to develop social interaction as well as building basic motor skills. We encourage parent participation.
For 18 month olds to 4 year olds.

Only £3 per session. Please ensure you book onto these sessions. The sessions are term-time only.

Unfortunately, there are no Little Legs Football sessions running at the moment please check the page regularly for updates.