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Report a missed bin collection

When are collections made?

The kerbside collection service for domestic waste normally operates Tuesday to Friday between 6.30am and 5.15pm. We will try to collect all bins placed out between those times on the specified day of collection. Where collections are delayed due to transport problems, we will always try to catch up on the same day, or the following morning.

The only exceptions to this schedule are when Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day fall between Tuesday and Friday.

If your bin has not been emptied after two working days, please return it back to your property and wait for your next scheduled collection day.

If this should happen again the following week, please complete the Report a missed bin form or call us on 01274 431000.

The form for reporting a missed bin is on our My Requests system. You will need to register to do this if you have not used My Requests before.

We recommend using My Requests with a different web browser than Internet Explorer, such as Chrome or Safari.

Find out when your refuse and recycling is collected

Why hasn't my bin been collected?

Before you report that your bin was not emptied, you may want to check that there are no known reasons for the missed collection. This may be down to bad weather, a broken down vehicle, or other reasons that we are already aware of, such as not being able gain access due to inconsiderate parking.

Please remember that we will only empty one general waste (green) bin per property, so please do not place rubbish at the side of your bin. We will tag your bin and put the rubbish in the bin for your next collection day.

Check the service disruptions page

Disruptions by bad weather

If the weather is bad there may be some disruption to the refuse and recycling collections. You can find out more on our collections in bad weather page.

You can also check the council service disruption page to see if there are any problems at the moment.

Why wasn't my recycling collected?

You must make sure that you have put the correct type of waste in your recycling bin. If you have not done this your bin will be marked with a contamination tag and your recycling will not be collected until you have removed the wrong items of waste from your bin. Find out more about what you can put in each bin.

My bin was only half emptied

If your bin was only half emptied after collection, something might be stuck in it, which is why it has not emptied fully. Please check the bin and free the item which has prevented it from being emptied fully and present it for the next collection date.

Alternatively, if you left some rubbish at the side of your bin, this will have been placed in your bin ready for collection on your next date.