Neighbourhood planning

Local people and communities can have a direct and active say in helping to shape the growth and development in their areas using rights and powers set out in the Localism Act 2011, though the preparation of Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs).

What is Neighbourhood Planning?

Neighbourhood planning can cover any one of these distinct areas:

  • Neighbourhood Development Plans: These plans are policy documents prepared by the community and set out a framework for future development, including design standards and infrastructure. They must be prepared in accordance with the statutory Planning Regulations and following a local referendum they can be adopted by the Council for them to be formally used and recognised in the planning process and part of the Local Plan. 
  • Neighbourhood Development Orders: These orders enable planning permission to be granted by a community without the need for a planning application to be submitted by a developer. 
  • Community Right to Build: A community is able to develop or buy assets to hold in perpetuity subject to certain thresholds.

Who prepares neighbourhood plans?

In Bradford District, parish, town or village councils can lead on preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for their area. In areas where are no parish, town or village councils, a neighbourhood forum must be established and designated before a neighbourhood plan can be prepared. A neighbourhood forum must consist of a minimum of 21 people who live, work or do business in the neighbourhood area.

Preparing a neighbourhood plan

Before work starts on preparing a neighbourhood plan, a neighbourhood area must be designated. This is the area that will be covered by the neighbourhood plan. Parish, town or village councils and neighbourhood forums must apply to Bradford Council to for a neighbourhood area designation. Where a neighbourhood forum is being established, they must also apply to the Council for forum designation at the same as applying for neighbourhood area designation.

Once this initial stage is complete, communities can begin to prepare their neighbourhood plans in line with The Neighbourhood Planning General (Regulations) (2012) (as amended) (PDF).

Neighbourhood planning in Bradford

Within Bradford there are currently 13 designated Neighbourhood Areas, which are shown on the map below.

To view their progress to date, please visit the boxes below.

Further guidance and information

Further guidance and information is available to help communities with neighbourhood planning: