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Landscape planning

“England’s natural environment includes a wide range of landscapes that are formed by many factors, including the underlying soils, climate, habitats – and human influence, both past and present”.
Natural England

More information about landscapes can be found on Natural England’s website

What is Landscape Planning?

Landscape Planning is the application of planning policy relevant to the landscape of the Bradford district. This includes planning applications for development within semi natural landscapes and landscape schemes for development in an urban context.

In relation to planning applications within semi natural landscapes, please refer to our Landscape Character Assessment Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

In relation to landscape schemes, we aim to secure high quality landscape settings for development. Our Landscape Character Assessment SPD includes design guidance (Appendix 4), which provides useful advice to help you develop successful schemes both within and outside our landscape character areas.

Landscape Projects and Public Realm

In addition to our landscape planning role, we offer a full landscape design consultancy and implementation capability to the Highway Authority, regeneration bodies and partners. We also take a lead role on improving the image of the Council’s corridors and gateways.

In addition to our 'in team' expertise, we can also pull together a multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, architects, urban designers and quantity surveyors to deliver more complex projects.

Services include:

  • Landscape Design 
  • Delivery of Environmental Masterplan Projects 
  • Project Management, including Contract Administration and Site Supervision 
  • Community engagement

Environmental Masterplanning

Over the last few years we have developed a series of environmental masterplans, including public realm studies, open space strategies, Gateways and Corridors design guides/masterplans and parks restoration proposals. We are now working with a wide range of partners, utilising a wide range of funding streams to deliver these projects on the ground.

The service may include:

  • Develop brief with client and consultees 
  • Desk study and questionnaires 
  • Develop a 'Vision' 
  • Prepare masterplan, report, and design guidelines 
  • Consult regularly throughout process 
  • Prepare implementation plan and design guidelines. 
  • Implement scheme

Project management

We have experience of managing a wide range of environment based projects for clients, from the inception stage through implementation to longer term management.

The service we offer includes:

  • Preparing briefs 
  • Project coordination 
  • Advice on additional funding sources for projects 
  • Cost control and reporting 
  • Stakeholder consultation 
  • Programming 
  • Monitoring of progress 
  • Reviewing of outputs and outcomes 
  • Reporting back to the funding organisation

Ongoing projects include public realm works, housing area regeneration, play areas, school sites, quarry restoration, lighting, green infrastructure, heritage sites and public artworks.

Community engagement

The team has a proven track record in the following areas :

  • Computer generated imagery - including CAD, 3D modelling and photomontage work 
  • Sketches, artists impressions, presentation plans and other hand rendered drawings 
  • Model Making 
  • Community development - we have extensive experience of developing projects in association with community groups and other stakeholders to help ensure 'ownership' of the final product. 
  • Preparation and delivery of in-house seminars on environmental related issues

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