Graduate opportunities

We have a number of exciting opportunities across our organisation to join our graduate programme.

We are excited to be offering opportunities across the organisation for recent graduates and current undergraduates looking to start positions in Bradford Council who have the skills, attitude, and motivation to join us at this very challenging and exciting time. We believe that we need graduate talent to help us meet our challenges head-on, and we are passionate about bringing in new talent to help our organisation develop and progress. We have previously delivered successful graduate programmes and are pleased to develop this offer further.

We are seeking candidates who can be:

  • innovative
  • creative
  • challenging
  • resilient
  • persuasive
  • inspirational

Most importantly, we seek individuals with the ambition and drive to help us provide excellent services to the people of our community.

Working at Bradford Council

About our graduate development programme

These roles will form part of our graduate development programme, which offers you the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills in roles supporting the operational delivery of frontline services. These positions will be fast-paced and will require individuals who can demonstrate resilience and an ability to develop creative solutions to help shape services of the future.

This is a two-year programme and will integrate training within the operational job role. It will include a variety of training and development opportunities, which are undertaken in a group setting with other graduates who join the cohort. We are committed to helping you secure a position with Bradford Council at the end of your programme, and you will be able to apply for internal and external vacancies which arise. The learning and development you gain through the programme will strengthen your ability to secure further employment.

Training and development

As part of the development programme, you will complete the following in-house training:

  • corporate induction
  • access to online material
  • graduate network
  • mentor support
  • management skills training if you are required to manage staff during your programme or to support permanent placement following the graduate programme.

We also expect that graduates will learn about the political landscape of the authority and understand working with Elected Members to help shape our services and community focus.

Mentoring and career support

In addition to your line manager, we will provide a structured mentoring support scheme and continuous careers advice and guidance will be built into the programme to support you in identifying areas you would like to develop and how your career aspirations can be achieved within the council.

Networking opportunities

As we are recruiting for a number of graduate positions, you will benefit from having the support of fellow graduate trainees who you can network with, share experiences and participate as part of a group in wider corporate training and development. We have found from previous graduate programmes that this can be extremely beneficial, and often forges strong working relations.

We are committed to helping you secure a position with us at the end of the programme, and you will be able to apply for internal and external vacancies.


In addition to ongoing support and training throughout the graduate programme, we also offer a competitive pay scheme that allows your salary to progress on a regular basis. All graduate roles follow the same pay model, which is Band 8, SCP 20 to 22.

Pay progression is subject to satisfactory performance in the role.

Hear what our graduates have to say…

We are very lucky to have truly excellent graduates who work with our organisation, many of which have progressed to lead management roles. We strive to offer our graduates ongoing support in order to help them achieve their maximum potential. We asked some of our current graduates about their experience with our graduate programme.

Our opportunities

We have a number of exciting positions available across the organisation. To find out more about these vacancies and how to apply, please visit the links below:

What we expect from you

When you join us as a graduate you will be expected to:

  • achieve the objectives sent to you and ask for help and clarification where needed
  • develop your knowledge through self-directed study, further research, reading and questions
  • fully participate in all training opportunities through on-the-job experience, mentoring, coaching, formal training and learning
  • work toward becoming a member or associate of the relevant professional body, where appropriate

You will also be expected to make the most of the opportunities available within the Council, and demonstrate our expected Bradford behaviours:

  • Engaging – Working with colleagues and stakeholders in a supportive and collaborative way while listening and valuing the views and opinions of others
  • Positive – Enthusiastic about the district and displaying a 'can do attitude'
  • Responsible – Clear understanding of role and responsibility and actively linking goals to the Council Plan and Bradford District priorities
  • Flexible – responding quickly and effectively to change while embracing and supporting new ways of working

Application tips

Before completing your application, please ensure that you have read the job profile carefully - the information within this document can be used as a guide for you to complete your supporting evidence section within your application. This section is very important and will play a key role in the success of your application, so please take your time when completing it. Please note to be successfully shortlisted, managers will use your supporting evidence and will not consider any CVs uploaded.

We look forward to hearing from you!

When do the graduate schemes open?

Applications will be open throughout the year. Please check our jobs page.

What type of people are you looking for?

Bradford Council is evolving and growing and therefore we want the right people to work with us to harness the potential and to overcome the inevitable challenges. This is a very exciting time for us all, and we aim to attract graduates who share Bradford values and are ready to deliver outcomes for the city, the district, and the people of Bradford.

What schemes are available?

There will be graduate placements in the Council's Department – Office of Chief Executive, Place, Children Services, Adult Social Care and Health, Corporate Resources.

When would I start?

Most graduate positions will start in September or October. However, there may be opportunities throughout the year.

What’s the application process?

As a candidate, you will be expected to demonstrate your ability to meet the special knowledge, experience and qualifications required for the role by providing evidence in the application form for the purpose of shortlisting. Applicants with disabilities are only required to meet the essential special knowledge requirements shown by a cross in the end column of this section. Depending on the service area, there may also be an assessment centre process.

How many graduates are you looking to hire?

This year we will be looking for 2 to 5 Graduates (depending on service requirements and vacancies available)

What makes Bradford Council different?

Our graduate programme provides a unique opportunity for high-calibre graduates wishing to be a part of a Team that helps design and implement solutions to the challenges we face. We place the people who use our services at the heart of all we do, with the clear aim of making improvements on their behalf. Like others, we face ongoing financial pressures, being asked to achieve more for less while providing services to our citizens. In addition, as England and Wales's fifth largest metropolitan authority, our sheer size and diversity presents a constant challenge and opportunity to service delivery, design, and innovation.

Our workforce changes lives, so whatever the job might be, if you want to do it to the best of your ability and are passionate about the district then we want you in Team Bradford.

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