What is housing related support?

Housing related support services help people to live independently or move on to independent living, this can include people receiving support to:

  • set up and maintain their home 
  • manage safety and security of their accommodation 
  • maintain their health and wellbeing 
  • develop their life skills, such as cooking, cleaning and budgeting skills 
  • apply for benefits 
  • access other services 
  • get advice and advocacy in connection with housing or tenancy matters

Who is housing related support for?

Housing related support services help people to live independently or move on to independent living. There are many different groups of people who may benefit from housing related support, including:

  • older people or frail elderly 
  • people with mental health problems 
  • homeless people 
  • women at risk of domestic violence 
  • people with substance misuse problems 
  • offenders 
  • young people and teenage parents 
  • people with physical or sensory disabilities 
  • people with learning disabilities

If you require housing advice, are homeless or threatened with homelessness, please contact the Housing Options Service or call the Advice Team on 01274 435999.

Other schemes and activities

Housing related support is distinct from personal care, but provides a compliment to health and social care services such as home care, residential and nursing care.

When is it available?

There are many services in the Bradford District providing housing related support. Most services identify a particular group of people that they work with, for example people with a learning disability, homeless families or offenders. However, there are other services which are more generic in nature.

There are different types of housing related support services, these include:

  • Temporary supported housing - short term and emergency housing with support 
  • Floating (visiting) support – housing related support which is provided to people in their own homes 
  • Supported housing for people with longer term support needs – long-term housing and support services

Where are the services?

Housing related support services are located throughout the Bradford district, many of the floating support services operate district wide coverage.

How do I access the service?

Council customer service centres, Housing Options Service, Information Shops, Town Halls and the Independence Advice Hub can provide information on housing related support services.

  • The Housing Options Service can be contacted on 01274 435999 
  • Independence Advice Hub can be contacted on 01274 435400

Who provides it?

Housing related support services are provided by lots of different organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

How can I apply?

If you would like to access a housing related support service, you can contact the service direct or you can ask your Social Worker or Probation Officer, Incommunities Open Moves or the Access Team to help you to apply.

Is there a charge?

This depends on the type of service you wish to access. You will not be expected to pay for short-term services, for example homeless hostels.

There is a charge for longer term housing related support services, whether you will need to pay for housing related support or contribute towards costs will depend on your personal circumstances.

I’d like to find out more, who can I talk to?

You can talk to:

  • your Social Worker 
  • your Probation Officer 
  • Housing Options Service - 01274 435999 
  • Independence Advice Hub - 01274 435400

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