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Flu vaccinations

Flu vaccinations are available from your GP from October or through the school vaccination programme for primary school aged children. Adults can also get flu vaccinations from many pharmacists across the district.

Why should I get the flu vaccination?

If you’ve been offered a free flu vaccination by your GP or your employer, it’s because you need it. Flu is very contagious and can be a really serious illness. Having the flu vaccine doesn’t just protect you; it helps stop the flu spreading to other people who may be even more vulnerable than yourself.

Am I eligible for a free flu vaccination?

You can find out if you are eligible for a free flu vaccine at the NHS website.

If you aren’t eligible for a free vaccination, you can still get a vaccination from a pharmacist although you’ll be charged around £10 for the service.

Can I get information in other languages?

There are a range of flu leaflets available in other languages on the Government's website.

Information is also available in easy read formats on this Government webpage.

Information on Children's vaccinations

Children now have a choice about whether to have the quick and easy nasal spray or an injection. Find out more in this Children's flu leaflet (139 Kb).

Abraham the Pharmacist created this video to help parents understand the importance of getting their children vaccinated for flu.