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Dog wardens

The Dog Warden Service will help you if you lose your dog and deal with reports of stray/dangerous dogs.

Dogs die in hot cars

We all love to get outside and enjoy the sunshine when comes out. However, for dog owners it’s very important to remember the hot weather might not be as much fun for our furry friends. Dogs heat up quickly and cool down very differently to humans and heatstroke can result in serious complications for dogs.

Sick or injured dogs

If you come across a dog that is injured by the side of the road you should contact the Dog Warden who will collect the dog as soon as possible.

If you have concerns about the health of a dog, contact the Dog Warden who will contact you as soon as possible with a view to collecting the dog when they can.

Outside normal office hours please ring and you will be given advice on what to do next.

  • Dog Warden Service: 01274 433927

General welfare

If you believe a dog is being kept in a poor environment and as a result you are concerned for its welfare or you believe that the dog is being treated cruelly, you should contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999

Responsible dog ownership

Bradford’s Dog Wardens promote responsible dog ownership. Here are some tips for being a good dog owner:

  • Keep your dog under control; never let it out unattended.
  • Make sure it wears a collar and identity disc with name, address and telephone number and is micro-chipped.
  • Always carry a poop scoop and clean up after your dog. A plastic bag can be used for this and bags can be disposed of in any litterbin or your refuse bin.
  • Always keep your dog on a lead.
  • Don’t leave your dog for long periods.
  • Don’t leave your dog in the car for long periods, especially in warm weather.
  • Don’t take your dog into food shops (unless it is a registered assistance dog).
  • Arrange for your dog to be looked after properly if you go on holiday.
  • Keep it well groomed and clean.
  • Worm your dog regularly, register with a vet and treat any illness promptly.
  • Make sure your dog is properly fed and watered and wash its bowl after every feed.
  • Give your dog its own bed and bedding.
  • Have your dog neutered to avoid unwanted puppies.
  • If you live in rented property check with your landlord that dogs are allowed.

Contact the Dog Wardens

You can contact the Dog Warden service using the link below which takes you to our My Requests system. You will need to register to do this if you have not used My Requests before.

We recommend using My Requests with a different web browser than Internet Explorer, such as Chrome or Safari.

Contact the Dog Warden service now

Contact details

Dog Warden Service : 01274 433927

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