Music and Arts


The Music & Arts Service welcomes children who want to learn a musical instrument and offers a vast range of classes, orchestras and ensembles to suit all tastes.

Our services include:

Instrumental teaching

Specialist instrumental music teaching in schools, to individuals and small groups. To apply for instrumental lessons please see the Bradford Music Online instrumental lessons page.

Community music and ensemble groups

Out of school ensembles and performance opportunities to support the instrumental tuition taking place in schools. These activities are organised at music centres based in schools.

If you or your child are interested in joining one of the music centres please see the Bradford Music Online music group page.

Key Stage 2 Music

Do you know that the Government's Aspiration is that every child at Key Stage 2 will receive one year's tuition on a musical instrument or in singing?

We work closely with schools to ensure every child during their time at primary school will get this opportunity. If you are unsure about whether this happens in your school please contact the Music & Arts Service or the Headteacher at your child's primary school to discuss.


We also offer a range of dance, drama and visual arts provision for schools - with art days, workshops, training courses, project work and after school clubs.

Holiday art clubs

Art Clubs are run during the school holidays. They are suitable for children aged 7 to 12. Children will develop their 2D and 3D art skills with fun activities.