Charitable Street Collections

Conditions made by the Legal and Democratic Services Director with respect to the acceptance of applications for and the allocation of street collection dates for towns etc within the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council area

  1. All applications must be made, in writing or email, to the Licensing Team. The following information must be given:
    1. The name and address of the organisation.
    2. The name, address and contact number of the person to whom the Permit is to be granted. This person will be regarded as solely responsible, ultimately for the submission of financial account within one month of the collection.
    3. The precise area(s) of the collection.
    4. The preferred date(s) of the collection.
    5. Organisations which have not held a collection within the Bradford District before must also give a brief account of their objectives.
    It should be noted that in the case where areas are specifically mentioned in the application, the main township only will be allocated. Permits will only be issued where it is intended that collections will be made and permission to collect throughout the whole Council area on one date will not normally be given.
  2. In general applications will be dealt with as received throughout the year, on a "first come - first served" principle. However, in order to prepare a calendar in advance, applications for the following year will be considered as from 1 October in the previous year. No application for the following year will be considered before this date. Organisations are strongly urged therefore to submit applications for consideration well in advance of the dates required. The Council will endeavour to satisfy the needs of organisations for specific dates required but where this is not possible, alternative dates will be offered. In the event of an enquiry or question as to available dates for collections, please contact the Licensing Team.
    1. Subject to collections not clashing, each application will be dealt with on merit under the following guide lines: Two types of Permits are available as follows:
      1. for major collections organised throughout the whole of the City or throughout the whole of any Town Centre in the Metropolitan District; and
      2. for minor collections organised in one small fixed location eg a street or part of a street only or in the Kirkgate Centre or Bradford Interchange.
      Organisations wishing to take major collections of the type described in (i) above should note that only those organisations which are Registered Charities (that is, Charities which are registered by the Charity Commissioners) will be allowed to obtain "major" collection Permits, unless there are special reasons. Any organisations may obtain a "minor" collection Permit, provided it can satisfy the Council that its objectives are charitable within the meaning of the Council's Street Collection Regulations and therefore eligible for the grant of such a Permit.
    2. Before allowing any collection, the Council must be satisfied that the Organisation either:
      1. has a bona fide local branch in the Metropolitan District; or
      2. serves the needs of persons resident in the area of the collection
    3. The above conditions will also apply to, and include, collections undertaken in private, but publicly used, premises such as Kirkgate Centre and the Interchange in Bradford.
    4. Generally, collections will be restricted to Saturdays only with the exception of the Christmas period, when weekday collections will be allowed. However, applications will be considered for Sundays and weekdays but will be judged on merit.
    5. Events with Street Collections held throughout the month of December in the Bradford City Centre are organised by the Council's City Centre Manager. Organisations must obtain permission from the City Centre Manager before a Permit is applied for.
  3. Accounts for the collection must be received by the Council within one month of the collection or, alternatively, a satisfactory explanation for the delay in their submission must be received at the end of that time. Failure to submit accounts by the due date without a satisfactory explanation could prejudice future applications.
    1. The Permit only authorises the collection of money or the sale of goods to raise money for charity. It is not a consent to use any publicly owned land or buildings etc, other than the pavements forming part of the highways. In the event of collections on publicly owned land or in buildings owned by the Council and if any supporting event is to take place eg band music, singing, etc, whether on a pavement forming part of a highway or not, consent must also be obtained from the appropriate Council Officer. Permission to use Car Parks owned by the Council must be obtained from the Car Parks Manager. The use of the parks, playing fields or other recreational areas requires permission from the Area Manager, Parks and Green Spaces.
      If there is to be a procession of any kind this must have the sanction of the Chief Superintendent of the appropriate Police Division of the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police, contact West Yorkshire Police, Licensing Section, Trafalgar House Police Station, Nelson Street, Bradford, BD5 0DX or telephone 01274 471446.
    2. If you wish to have a supporting event in the City Centre, you must liaise with the Council's City Centre Manager on 01274 434407.
    3. With regard to collections to be taken in the Bradford Kirkgate Centre or in the Transport Interchange, Bradford, the prior consent of the Managers of both these establishments must be first obtained and a copy of the letter of consent from the appropriate Manager should be enclosed with any application made.
    4. If you wish to book Centenary Square, please contact the Events Officer on 01274 433788.
  5. As mentioned in paragraph 4(a) above, a Street Collection Permit may also cover sales of goods to benefit charitable purposes which take place in streets or other public places. If such sales are planned and are to take place from any type of stall, please note that there are separate rules governing these and additional Guidance Notes giving further information are available from the Licensing Team on request.
  6. Car Boot Sales, if conventionally organised, do not normally require a Street Collection Permit because no goods are sold for charity. However, permission to hold them on public or privately owned land is required from the Council's Market Manager, 1st Floor, Perkin House, 1 Longlands Street, Bradford, BD1 2TP or telephone 01274 432245, before they may be lawfully held. Guidance notes concerning Car Boot Sales are available from the Market Manager on request.

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