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Naming ceremonies

What is a naming ceremony?

Naming ceremonies offer families an opportunity to welcome a child into the family and the wider community and announce the names that have been chosen. The ceremonies can have no religious content and they have no legal status. They can be used to welcome children into a marriage. If couples have children from a previous marriage they may wish to follow their marriage ceremony with each other with a naming ceremony helping to confirm the new family unit. The child or children can be of any age and any parent or legal guardian can arrange a naming ceremony whether the parents are married or not.

Where can a naming ceremony take place?

These ceremonies can take place at the Register Office or in Approved Premises. Other venues with public liability insurance may also be considered such as restaurants or clubs but not private houses.

How much does a naming ceremony cost?

The current charges are shown on the Certificate and Ceremony Fees page.

You can pay online for a naming ceremony.

Find out more about naming ceremonies

Further information about this ceremony can be obtained by speaking to a celebrant at the Register Office on 01274 432151.

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