Information for assessors

This page contains information for Mental Health and Best Interests Assessors working in Bradford and Airedale.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

What can I expect of the admin team?

On receipt of either an urgent or standard authorisation the admin team will:

  • Telephone you to check your availability 
  • Agree with you which assessments you will carry out 
  • Agree a date for the assessments to be completed and returned 
  • Send you copies of the urgent and/or standard request form and a copy of the referral form 
  • Receive your assessment and forward them on to the supervisory body to carry out the decision-making process

Please keep the admin team informed of any problems in completing the assessments within the timescales agreed.

Please also advise the admin team if you require any further assessment packs.


The following forms are available for you to download and complete from this page:

  • Age assessment – form 5 
  • Mental health assessment – form 6 
  • Mental capacity assessment – form 7 
  • No refusal assessment – form 8 
  • Eligibility assessment – form 9 
  • BIA assessment – form 10 
  • Unauthorised Deprivation of Liberty – form 17 
  • Selection of a representative – form 24

Once you have completed the form, please return to:

DoLS Admin Team
Britannia House

Best interest assessor support

If you’re a best interest assessor we’ve put together some useful documents for you to download on this page.

Mental health assessor support

To complete the Deprivation of Liberty e-learning programme, please visit the e-Learning for Healthcare website.

Decision timescales

Any urgent authorisation decisions have to be made within seven days (in exceptional circumstances this can be extended for a further seven day period) and all standard authorisation decisions have to be made within 21 days.


Any person working independently will need to provide up-to-date insurance details together with a current DBS check and evidence of qualifications prior to commencing work.

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