Most common sexually transmitted infections

If you experience any unusual symptoms you're not alone – get checked and treated as soon as possible. Don't die of embarrassment!

HPV Virus (genital warts)

Symptoms: If you're seeing small raised bumps on your genitals or inside your mouth that don't go within 2 weeks then you'll need to get checked out.

Treatment: like any warts they can be treated with a chemical solution.


Symptoms: often none but can be inflammation itchiness or discharge from genitals.

Treatment: antibiotics.

Genital Herpes

Symptoms: raised blisters that look like cold sores on buttocks, mouth and genitals

Treatment: antiviral drugs


Symptoms: pain when peeing and discharge but females often experience no symptoms at first. Boys - if you have it you must tell your partner – the long term effects of no treatment are serious

Treatment: antibiotics


Symptoms: Weakened immune system, aches, fever – could be anything but if you've had unprotected sex with someone you're concerned about and you're worried get tested.

Treatment: antiviral combination drugs

Hepatitis B and C

Symptoms: Aches and pains, nausea, yellow skin – again could be other things but if you're worried get tested

Treatment: Hep B can be vaccinated; Hep C may need combination of drugs to prevent liver damage

Pubic Lice (crabs)

Symptoms: small itchy mites the size of a match head

Treatment: You can buy lotion from the pharmacy – write it on a note if you're embarrassed


Symptoms: No symptoms in early stages so if you've had unprotected sex with someone you're worried about get checked

Treatment: Antibiotics

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