Gay or straight?

So do you think you’re gay or straight?  Maybe you know, maybe you have no idea. Maybe you’re a-sexual, bi-sexual, transgendered, pan-sexual, andro-sexual, bigender, cisgender, gynesexual, intersexual, skoliosexual, metrosexual.

There are so many labels out there it’s hard to know what means what.  The reason is there are all these words because everyone is different but as a society we love throwing labels out there.  We are so desperate to put everything in its own place when actually who cares!

We all know it doesn’t matter who you fancy, whether they are a different gender or not and it doesn’t matter how you wish to live your life.  There are frightened people out there who will try and make you feel bad for being who you are but that’s just the point, they are scared and think by throwing their opinions around that they somehow matter more.

Being straight isn’t any easier than being gay, sometimes coming out can be the best thing you’ll ever do and that can be robbed from you if you’re not gay.  You don’t have to nervously tell your parents that they’re very likely to have grandchildren.  That moment of power when you take control over your life is amazing (if terrifying).  It can make you a stronger and more powerful person overnight.  No tee, no shade – you don’t get that by being 'normal'.

So if your thing is to play rugby during the day and throw on some fabulous heels by night or maybe you just like playing computer games, paintballing and the odd manicure it doesn’t matter.  Be gay one day, be straight the next.  Be whatever you want to be.  Be strong, be aware of those who want to label and throw shade but most of all have fun!  You get one life, make it a long and happy one!

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