Bradford Council Plan

What is the Bradford Council Plan?

The Bradford Council Plan is our working document for what we want to achieve to create as good a quality of life as possible for the people and communities of Bradford District.

Our plan explains how we will prioritise our time and money on the things that will have the biggest positive impact on our district and citizens over the next four years. 

We want the district to be prosperous and sustainable. We want people to be healthier, and to care for themselves, others, and the district around them.  Our Council Plan explains how we will work with people, communities, organisations and businesses to make this happen.

In the District Plan we set out our ambitions for Bradford and specify what our priority areas of work will be for 2016 to 2020.

In this more detailed Council Plan we set out exactly what the Council needs to achieve under each of these six priority work areas, with specific targets for improvement. The Council Plan also sets out our commitment as a council, and the principles and behaviours we will adopt to achieve our ambitions. 

Our priorities, principles and behaviours

The Council Plan sets out our commitment as a council to achieve our priorities.

Our six priorities are:

  • Better skills, more good jobs and a growing economy
  • Decent homes that people can afford to live in
  • A great start and good schools for all our children
  • Better health, better lives
  • Safe, clean and active communities
  • A well-run council, using all our resources to deliver our priorities

Bradford District is an enterprising, energetic and extraordinary place – and we aim to reflect this in how we work.

The principles we will work by are:

  • Working together
  • People in charge of their own lives
  • Equality
  • Every pound counts 

You can expect all Council staff to be:

  • Positive
  • Engaging
  • Responsible
  • Flexible

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