What is the Clean Air Zone and how does it work?

A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is a defined area where targeted action is taken to improve air quality. Through the use of a daily charge for entering the zone, the Council will encourage people and businesses who own the most polluting vehicles that travel through the District to consider upgrading their vehicles to meet our new air quality standard.

Bradford will be a C+ zone to ensure we meet the legal limits for pollution in the district. This is based on a Class C Clean Air Zone which means there could be charges for all non-compliant vehicle types with the exception of passenger cars and motorbikes. The definition of ‘Passenger cars’ does not include hackney carriage or private hire vehicles. These will be subject to the daily charge if they do not meet the standard. Bradford district now has one of the cleanest taxi fleets in the country, with 99% of taxis being compliant.

What happens to any fines or charges?

All money collected from drivers of the most polluting vehicles, either from the Clean Air Zone charge or fines for non-payment of the charge will be invested in measures which improve air quality in the district. This could include support for zero emission buses, further help for residents and businesses to upgrade their vehicles, the development of hydrogen in the district and support for schools to reduce emissions in their areas.

Where else are Clean Air Zones planned?

Clean Air zones are now live or planned in:

Further information about Bradford’s Clean Air Zone can be found on the frequently asked questions page.