Planning for the future

The Council is here to work with everyone across our district to create as good a quality of life as possible for the people and communities of the Bradford District. This means working with other public services, businesses and the voluntary sector, as well as residents and communities, to make this a great place for us all.

Our priorities for the Bradford District are:

  • Better skills, more good jobs and a growing economy
  • Decent homes that people can afford to live in.
  • A great start and good schools for all our children
  • Better health, better lives
  • Safe, clean and active communities

You can find out more about our priorities on the Council Plan page.

We know this is a challenging time for local authorities and for communities. The Council has a lot less money than we’ve all been used to. The Council and public services alone can’t provide all the solutions to help the District be a great place for everyone.

We need to think differently about Council budgets and spending, to make the best use of the decreasing amount of money we have each year, spending it wisely to get the best end result for the district.

We need people to think about what matters to them in their lives and communities. We need residents to re-evaluate what they expect from public services and what they could get more involved in or take responsibility for themselves.

By making small changes themselves, people in the Bradford District can help to reduce demand for services and save our district’s money.

This will mean that the money we do have can be spent in the best way to benefit everyone.

You can help in really simple ways such as by recycling more, not dropping litter, looking after your own and your family’s health, using the internet to find about services rather than ringing up, volunteering or helping to run local services or keeping an eye out for older people who might need some help.

Acting responsibly and doing your bit can save money. This can give some protection from cuts to the vital services that really make a difference to people’s lives.

Find out more about thinking differently about Council budgets and spending.

Find out more about making a difference where you live.

Let us know what you think or keep up to date.

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