Bradford's response to the Syrian refugee crisis

Bradford, as both a welcoming city and a dispersal city for asylum seekers, has a proud history of supporting those fleeing war and natural disaster from around the world. Bradford Council will play an important role in the initiative to support Syrian refugees.

In 2014, Bradford became the first city to respond to Home Office’s call to support Syrian refugees through the Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme (VPRS).  

In September 2015 the Government announced in an expansion of the VPRS that the UK would be providing sanctuary to 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years. For more information on the national scheme visit the GOV.UK website (PDF).

To date Bradford has resettled over 200 Syrians refugees through the national VPRS scheme led by the Home Office, to provide sanctuary to those fleeing conflict.

Bradford Council has agreed to resettle 50-100 individuals over the next three years. The additional Syrian refugees we are proposing to welcome will represent 0.1% of Bradford’s total population. We will continue to strike a fair balance between meeting their needs and those of the already resident community.

Refugees welcomed to Bradford through the scheme will be treated with fairness and respect and will be supported to access opportunities to contribute to and benefit from being part of the city’s future. In the long term, Bradford will benefit through refugees’ economic contribution and by increasing the diversity of our city. We hope and expect that the whole community will work together to ensure they are supported to enjoy a happy, healthy, and safe quality of life.

Gateway Protection Programme

The Gateway Protection Programme (GPP) is a planned migration programme managed jointly by Home Office, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and International Organisation for Migration. In Bradford a partnership developed between Local Authority, Horton Housing, Bevan Healthcare, Clinical Commissioning Groups and housing providers which successfully delivered Gateway refugee programmes since December 2008 to date. We have resettled over 900 refugees from Burma (Rohingya), Iraq, Somalia, Bhutan, Ethiopia, DR Congo, Sudan, Eritrea and Iraq.

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