Highway Maintenance Additional Capital Funding - Financial Years 2013/14 and 2014/15

Bradford Council received an additional £1.04 million capital highway maintenance allocation for the financial year 2013/14 from the Department for Transport.

This much needed additional funding was allocated to the areas of most need:

  • £540k was spent on overall district priorities. The aim in this case was to target sites showing signs of failure and treating with full resurfacing / micro asphalt/ surface dressing as appropriate. 
  • £500k was spent on locally derived priorities including areas of proactive patching, carriageway repairs and footway maintenance within the five Area Constituencies (£100k per district).

For the 2014/15 financial year, an additional £0.54 million capital highway maintenance allocation was announced last year by the Department for Transport, this has now been supplemented by provision of a further £0.575 million to assist in dealing with damage and failure of the local roads within the district.

This money totalling £1.115 million is in addition to Bradford’s capital highway maintenance settlement for the year of £2.870 million. This programme of work has been developed through consideration of asset condition surveys which provide a technical assessment of the state of each highway asset maintained by The Council. Additionally the Council will spend just over £4 million revenue expenditure on the road network this year dealing with the day to day maintenance needs.

The extra capital funding will allow treatments to be carried out on a greater proportion of the network than would otherwise have been possible and will be allocated in a similar manner to last financial year, as below:

  • We propose that £500k be spent on locally derived priorities within the 5 Area Constituencies (£100k per district). We recognise that each local area team will have different pressures for spend, works may cover various aspects of highway maintenance including highway drainage, potholes, strategic patching, carriageway resurfacing and other proprietary treatments to extend the life span of the network. 
  • £615k will be spent on targeting major road maintenance schemes with full resurfacing / micro asphalt / surface dressing that will provide the best overall improvement in road condition, thus reducing the maintenance backlog and aid our resilience to adverse weather events.

In the 2014 budget statement, the Government announced that further money was to be made available to Local Authorities in 2014/15 to help repair damage to the local road network. Bradford Council submitted a bid for a share of this £168m fund. Following a bidding process it was announced that Bradford Council would receive £949,043. The grant was to complement (rather than displace) planned highway maintenance expenditure and was to tackle defects on the road network by permanently fixing potholes or by stopping them forming in the first place. The priority in the Bradford district was for permanent extensive patching schemes (£300,000) as well as road resurfacing type work (£649,043) that has been targeted at the areas of most need. Due to ongoing work commitments the work was completed towards the end of the 2014/15 financial year.

Links from this page contain information on the original pothole fund bid as well as further detail on where the additional monies have been allocated.

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