Duty planning officer service

The Planning Service operates a duty officer service at Britannia House Customer Service Centre and Keighley Town Hall to offer informal planning advice.

The duty officer is available:

  • between 10am and 4pm, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at Britannia House 
  • between 10am and 1pm on Tuesdays at Keighley Town Hall

This service is available on an appointment basis. We will only see customers without an appointment if the duty officer has any spare capacity.

Please contact us on 01274 434605 to make an appointment. Appointments are scheduled to last no more than 15 minutes.

The duty officer will provide informal advice on:

  • Planning guidance relating to alterations and extensions to domestic dwellings 
  • Planning guidance relating to small scale residential developments
  • Planning guidance relating to small scale retail, business, industrial and other commercial development
  • Alterations and extensions to existing retail, business, industrial and other commercial premises
  • Planning guidance relating to advertisement consent 
  • Listed buildings and conservation/heritage requirements
  • Permitted development rights 
  • Changes of use 
  • Planning procedures and processes 
  • Referral to other specialist Council services

The duty officer will not provide advice on:

  • Enquiries relating to current applications and appeals
  • Enquiries relating to reasons for refusal or conditions imposed on recently determined applications (make an appointment with planning case officer)
  • Enquiries relating to current enforcement investigations (contact enforcement team)
  • Assistance with the completion of forms and validation enquiries
  • Requests for specific Non-Material amendments (submit request for a non material amendment)
  • Requests for written pre-application advice (submit request for pre application advice)
  • Major development proposals (submit request for major pre application advice)
  • Views on the acceptability of proposals (submit request for pre application advice)
  • Requests for a definitive answer as to whether planning permission is required (submit Certificate of Lawfulness application)

It would be helpful if you could bring the following information with you when visiting the Duty Officer:

  • A plan or drawing of the property or site in question
  • The position and dimensions of any planned extension or development
  • Information or sales leaflets showing what you are proposing to do
  • Photographs of the property or site and the surrounding area

Please note that the advice given is an informal officer opinion based on the information supplied to the Council and is without prejudice to the formal consideration of any enquiry or application subsequently submitted.

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