Boardmaker is computer software that contains thousands of Picture Communication Symbols.

Symbols can be used with anyone who may need additional support with communication.

They can be used with:

  • Children and adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders 
  • People with English as an additional language 
  • Anyone with a disability or impairment that affects communication or memory

Boardmaker Software is available in the following libraries:

If you want to book a computer to use Boardmaker, contact any of the libraries that have the software, or use our self-service booking system.

Every library with Boardmaker has a laminator so that you can laminate your pages and symbols after printing.

  • There is no charge for using Boardmaker in libraries
  • Regular library charges apply for printing (10p A4 or 50p A3)
  • There is a small charge for laminating your pages and symbols (20p)

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