Bradford Council offers an ant control service for the inside of domestic of properties at a cost of £91.20 (£76+VAT).

Treating affected properties is usually completed in one visit, but if necessary, we will treat the area for a second time free of charge after one month. Subsequent visits will be charged for. Eradication cannot be guaranteed where access to nests is restricted or cannot be identified.

Black garden ants

Black garden ants are a nuisance but don’t pose a risk to human health. Their nests are always found in the soil in gardens or under floors. They are completely black in colour.

Annually, garden ants colonies swarm (fly in groups) in order to find a site for the colony. This can appear frightening but it is a natural phenomenon and should be over within 48 hours.


  • Ants are visible inside and outside properties
  • Check paved areas outdoors which provides an ideal place to live
  • Trails of ants may be seen going to and from the nest site (the nest itself is often not visible)
  • They are often seen around open food / spillages
  • Look for small piles of sandy soil around threshold could indicate the nest is nearby


  • Ensure good housekeeping in food areas
  • Store food properly in sealed containers
  • Clean up spillages immediately
  • Empty and clean bins regularly (not allowing food to rot)
  • Seal any holes or gaps around windows and doors


Aerosols are available from garden centres and DIY stores. Always refer to the product instructions before use and follow these at all times.

Always refer to the product instructions before use and follow these at all times.

Flying insect killers will provide a speedy ‘knock down’ and are only appropriate for short term control.

Crawling insect killers leave a residue and once sprayed around cracks and crevices (including around doors and windows) can last for several days if they are not washed / cleaned away.

Insecticidal dusts and powders last for several weeks and will kill ants when they come into direct contact with them. Dusts may need to be reapplied if it rains. They can be poured straight nests if they are accessible. Do not apply dusts and powders outdoors as rain washes them away.

Please contact Bradford Council’s Pest Control service for further details.

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