Education Service for New Communities and Travellers

Do you have any children/young people from the following groups attending your school ?

European Union Migrant Worker

Families from the EU who have moved to the Bradford District: including those originally from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

Asylum Seekers

Families who are seeking asylum in the UK.


Families who are former Asylum Seekers who have been granted permission to stay in the United Kingdom either temporarily or permanently.


Includes Gypsy/Roma Travellers, Travellers of Irish Heritage, Fairground (or Showpeople), Circus families, Scottish Travellers, New Travellers and Bargees some of whom have minority ethnic status and are, or have been, traditionally associated with a nomadic lifestyle.

If so, we can provide assistance

The Service works on a basis of identified need with families and schools in the Bradford District. Services provided include:

  • Advice regarding educational and education social work issues 
  • Interpretation and translation (Czech, Polish, Slovakian, Russian and Ukrainian) 
  • Culturally relevant resources 
  • Facilitating home-school liaison 
  • Training sessions

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