How to make a comment or complaint about Children’s Services

Bradford Social Care welcomes comments, complaints and compliments from Service users and is committed to using feedback received to improve the quality of our services.

If you are dissatisfied with Bradford Social Care in the first instance talk to a member of staff involved in providing a service to you. They will try to sort out your complaint. Most complaints are resolved quickly at this stage.

If you have tried to resolve your complaint, but are still unsatisfied, or if the problem reoccurs you can contact the Complaints Unit.

If your complaint is about another department of Bradford Council, please use the Comments, Complaints and Compliments Form.

What happens next? Our Complaints Procedure

Stage 1

A direct Line Manager responsible for providing the service will look into the issues raised by you and will provide a written response. The response will be made within 10 working days of receiving the complaint. Depending on the complexity of the complaint this may not always be possible, and it may be necessary to agree on an extension.

Stage 2

If you are dissatisfied with the response at stage 1 you can request through the Complaints Manager that the complaint is investigated at stage 2. This will be made by an Investigating Officer (a manager from within the Department who does not know you nor has been involved with the complaint) and an Independent Person (who does not work for the Council). Following this investigation you will receive a response from the Assistant Director together with a copy of the Investigating Officer and the Independent Person’s reports within 25 working days. Depending on the complexity of the complaint this may not always be possible, and it may be necessary to agree on an extension.

Stage 3

If you remain dissatisfied you can request within 20 working days that the Complaints Manager convenes a Panel to review the investigation and the response. The Panel is made of 3 Independent Persons. The Panel will make recommendations to the Strategic Director of Services to Children & Young People who will write to you within 15 working days.

The Local Government Ombudsman

The Local Government Ombudsman is an independent person appointed by Parliament who investigates complaints against Councils and other organisations. In most cases she would only considerate investigating complaints that have previously been looked into through the Council Complaints Procedure.

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint after exhausting the Department's Complaints Procedures or think that the complaint has not been dealt with properly then you can contact

The Local Government Ombudsman

PO Box 4771
Coventry CV4 0EH

Fax: 024 7682 0001

For advice on making a complaint, or to make a complaint over the telephone, please call the LGO Advice Team on

  • 0300 061 0614 
  • 0845 602 1983.


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