Social Value and Inclusive Growth Policy

The Council's Social Value and Inclusive Growth Rationale and Policy Document was approved by the Executive on 5 December 2017, and will be applied to all procurements for contracts larger than £25,000 from 3 April 2018.

The Policy sets out our approach for doing more than sourcing the Council’s supplies at a price that it is competitive and good value for money, it set sets our ambition for meaningful Social Value from our suppliers.

Our Social Value focus is to foster an inclusive growth ethos in the district in which every resident has the opportunity to contribute to and share in economic growth. We want to make sure that every penny we spend supports our wider economic goals and that everyone in Bradford feels the benefits of success.

The policy is designed to be flexible in its application so that it is reasonable, scalable and proportionate to the contract opportunities we apply it to. It includes a set of 31 Social Value, Inclusive Growth orientated measures that Commissioners and Procurers can pick from when preparing tenders, we ask that:

  • Application of the policy is discretionary for contracts worth more than £25,000.
  • For contracts between £25,000 and £100,000 two measures are included aimed at supporting the local economy and local employment and skills.
  • For contracts over £100,000 four measures are applied so that in addition to the above we also consider social care issues, the value of community volunteers or environmental matters, and
  • That for contracts over the EU threshold that are more than 2 years in duration that we specifically seek opportunities for employment, apprenticeships or skills enhancement.

In application we have set Social Value as being worth 10% of our evaluation decision.

We have ambition to increase our spend with our local suppliers. Over the next five years our plans are to:

  • Increase our current level of local spend from 47% to 60%, which in today’s terms would put an additional £45m into the local economy.
  • Think about how local suppliers also spend locally - £21m would be re-spent in the Bradford economy.
  • An ambition for an additional net effect of £66m.

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