Bradford District Visitor Promotion and Events Funding Criteria

We want to encourage a diverse and ambitious program of high quality, innovative events that make the district more vibrant and attractive. This is to encourage visitors and the economic resources they bring to support the wellbeing of the district.

Bradford District Plan

The Bradford District Plan sets out the long-term shared ambition for our district:

“We want to make Bradford District a great place for everyone - a place where all our children have a great start in life, where businesses are supported to create good jobs and workers have the skills to succeed, a place where people live longer and have healthier lives and all our neighbourhoods are good places to live with decent homes for everyone”.

The District Plan outlines the ambition for each priority, how partners within the Bradford District Partnership family will work together across the district to achieve that ambition, and how we will know whether we’ve been successful. By working together we will achieve far more than working alone. We can all contribute something to make Bradford District a great place for everyone.

Through this Plan the Bradford District Partnership is determined to achieve:

  • Better skills, more good jobs and a growing economy
  • A great start and good schools for all our children
  • Better health, better lives
  • Safe, clean and active communities
  • Decent homes that people can afford to live in

Download a copy of the Bradford District Plan

Funding purposes

We are regularly approached by organisations seeking financial support for activities that deliver economic benefits, promote the Bradford District or have a district wide impact on education, enterprise or employment. To support this, the Council has approved a dedicated budget of £65,000 for 2017/2018.

Funding is available for events, festivals and activities with the following purposes:

People and participation

  • Widen community participation in events that develop a sense of local pride and inspire people
  • Support, enable and empower local groups to organise effective events
  • Develop events that encourage and celebrate creativity and improve health and wellbeing

Encourage events that are accessible and inclusive

  • Promote Bradford positively as a great place to live, work and visit
  • Support more high profile national and international events suitable for the District which puts Bradford on the map
  • Promote the District as an event-friendly place, supporting and engaging independent event promoters
  • Bring people into the City and District centres

Support the Council’s core objectives of regeneration and culture

  • Help stimulate economic activity
  • Promote the cultural life of the District

Promote the use of the District’s venues and spaces for events.

  • Promote safety and sustainability
  • Help target spending on events, to improve value for money and encourage financially sustainable events
  • Increase and diversify the inward investment in events
  • Strengthen the events infrastructure across Bradford
  • Ensure events are run to the highest standards of event management

Funding available

Normally, awards will be made of between £2,000 and £10,000 maximum.

How to apply

Download the application form from this page.

Timing of applications

Funding should be applied for at least four months in advance of the event and the panel meets on a rolling basis every 8 weeks

Who can apply

Any constituted group, charity, or private organisation.

Events not eligible for funding

The Council will not fund activities that cost less than £20,000 in total, nor festivals and events with insignificant audience numbers or impact on the visitor economy.

Events that may conflict with other Council run events or are not complementary to the Council’s events strategy.

Match funding requirements

The Council will fund up to 50% of the total cost of the event – match funding must be available to your event. Priority will be given to applications that demonstrate additional financial support in cash from external cultural agencies such as Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund, private sponsors and earned income.

Funding in kind for up to 20% of the total cost is acceptable as match funding but there must be supporting documentation to evidence the in kind funding. The funding in kind must be directly related to the content of the event.

Event requirements

Your event, festival or activity must:

  • Have a project plan that sets out clear objectives, costs and timescales
  • At a minimum have a focus on one of the District’s main centres, the City Centre (District-wide or beyond is even better)
  • Have management, organisation capacity and the infrastructure to ensure delivery
  • Complete monitoring and evaluation reports
  • Keep accurate financial records which are available to audit on request

Criteria for making an application

To be eligible to apply for support through this fund your organisation must:

  • Have an appropriate organisational structure or legal status for the activities for which funding is being sought
  • Be able to demonstrate good governance, financial/business planning and organisational management
  • Have community participation, development or involvement as part of the organisation’s core purpose
  • Have an Equal Opportunities policy and demonstrate how this is put into practice
  • Have appropriate types and levels of insurance for the activities or services you are planning to deliver
  • Have a bank account in the name of the organisation
  • Show that match funding is secured
  • Provide your last annual accounts or additional evidence that provides assurance that the event is financially viable

Economic benefit

Bradford Council wishes to support festivals and events which achieve a high level of expenditure in the local economy or create a significant visitor Attraction. Applicants will need to reflect these benefits in their submission.

Criteria for assessment of applications

The following factors will be used in assessing your application for funding:

  • Promotes Community Engagement. The ability of the event to appeal to as wide an audience as possible
  • Promotes Participation. Numbers of people who are able to participate in the event
  • Provides Economic benefit to the community, For example, increasing visitor length of stay in the area, increasing visitor expenditure in the area, creation of employment
  • Promotes a sense of Place. The ability of the event to rise the profile of the area
  • Visitor Economy. The ability to attract international and national audiences. Become a regular attraction. Potential for repeat audience visits
  • Promotes Health and Wellbeing. The ability of the event to support physical activity, creativity and social interaction for all sections of the community
  • Promotes Innovation – new projects, Delivers an activity that is new to the District concepts that have not been tried in the area before
  • Other Funding Secured, Value for Money – whether the activity provides value for money which could include the amount of leverage in cash or in kind from other sources and match funding
  • Organisational capacity – you must demonstrate that you will put your plans into practice

Award process

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the Commissioning Panel, chaired by Bobsie Robinson, Culture, Policy and Events Manager, and including officers in Council events, tourism and culture management, using the above criteria. Recommendations to make funding offers will be made by the panel, based on the results of this assessment. Final decisions will be made by the Culture, Policy and Events Manager, under normal delegated budget power, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Sports and Culture

Applicants may be contacted by the Panel to provide supplementary information. Applicants are discouraged from canvassing or lobbying officers or elected members in support of their event – they will be judged against the criteria alone.

All funding offers will be subject to a signed grant agreement that will include a commitment by the recipient organisation to report on outputs and outcomes of the agreed funding purposes. The decision of the panel is final but feedback will be provided upon request.

All funded activities will be subject to recommendations from the Safety Advisory Group and must have the appropriate planning permissions and consents in place before the activity takes place.

Monitoring and evaluation

Bradford Council requires all funded activities to be monitored and evaluated. The Council will request an end of project report, summarising the activities undertaken, outputs delivered and benefits achieved. Full details of these requirements will be outlined in the Grant Agreement and the scale of the information requested will vary depending on the size and nature of the festival or event.

Funding will normally be paid on the receipt of the end of project report

Where to get more information

To determine if the festival or event is eligible for funding or for enquiries about completing the application form please contact Karen Lewis. 

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Contact details

Karen Lewis
Cultural Services Support Officer
Sport & Culture
Department of Place
Bradford Council
3rd Floor
Argus Chambers

Phone : 01274 432416
Email :

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