Day Opportunities Learning Disabilities

What are day opportunities?

Adults with learning disabilities can access day opportunities and these provide people with ways to take part in activities, learn new skills, make friends and contribute positively to their community.

What services are available?

Day opportunity services available in the district include:

  • Leisure and learning projects
  • Supported employment
  • Vocational training projects

Who provides it?

Hft is the main provider of day opportunity services on behalf of the Council. They offer a range of services including: friendship groups, visual arts activities, radio broadcasting, horticultural projects, performing arts and theatre groups.

They also provide support to people to learn skills for work and offer opportunities to work within supported employment projects and social enterprises.

In addition to these services, there are other independent providers who offer day opportunity services to adults with a learning disability. Your worker will advise you about what is available.

Other services for adults with learning disabilities

Time Out

This is where someone comes to your home for a few hours to provide companionship and support so your main carer has a bit of a break.


This is an alternative to day opportunity services. You are matched with one of our Providers and go to spend the day with them at their home or doing activities you enjoy.

How do they help?

The aim of these services is to offer a range of options for people that will support greater independence and enable people to work towards achieving future aspirations such as employment, learning life skills and establishing peer friendships, relationships and interests.

Day opportunity services can also provide support to carers by offering them a break from their caring role.

How do I apply?

Access to these services is done through Council staff who will undertake an initial assessment of your needs. The assessment will include whether you have a need for transport to services.

You can also contact the independent providers directly for information and costs.

I’d like to find out more, who can I talk to?

You can contact the Access team where staff will be happy to discuss any questions you have.

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